Foreign economic activity

Export from Russia

For Russia-China cargo export «AlyansTransTorg» established own container transportation system, which has been successfully used for a long time. This way of transportation is suitable for most types of cargo: wood, metal, seeds, vegetable oil and finished products of other types. The development of modern logistic system is our priority in work and partner relationship development.

Import to Russia

Our employees organize cargo loading and transportation from China. For the transportation we use transport, which can transport containers - sea and river transport, railway and auto transport. If you order container transportation from China and other Asian contries in «AlyansTransTorg» , you'll recieve the whole complex of services including: logistics, clearance of import goods from China and cargo status tracking. Employees of our company have already accumulated great experience of solving transport logistics problems, this helps to provide our partners with a fast delivery and lowest prices.

Other directions:

You also can make a request for international container transportation in any direction of Asia and CIS countries. This kind of transportation is suitable for the delivery of large consigment of different cargo types, exept that kind of cargo which is forbidden to transport in containers. Specialists of «AlyansTransTorg» company are ready to provide the whole complex of logistic servicies.

Types of containers:

For the international cargo transportation we use 20-ft 40-ft containers. All of the containers regardless their mass or size have universal attachment points, it helps to make a transportation service more convenient.

What forms the price of international transportation?

·  Transportation of empty containers to the place of loading (stock, station)
· Transportation to destination  
·  Transportation fees (Russia, China etc.)
·  Transit services
· Transportation by the sea (freight fees)
·  Forwarding services  

·  Customs clearance Subsides for the cargo import into the county (export quota) is required for the international cargo transportation.

How to know the price?

1) Fill the price culculating form
2) contact manager via e-mail
3) contact manager via tel: +7 (383) 363-22-50
Foreign economic activity Foreign economic activity

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