International container transportation

Transportation using containers of various purposes is the most often used universal way of international transportation, which suits most cargo types.

Advantages of the service:

Safety. For the transportation we use steel container, so you can be sure, that your cargo is safe from climatic, mechanical damage.
Universality and economy. There is a possibility to transport cargo from consignor's to consignee's stock without repacking for the other kind of transport, its carring capacity and sizes.
Wide geography. Container transportation helps to deliver cargo to different regions, where there is no possibility or purpose to proceed transportation using one kind of transport.
Cargo tracking. Cargo status control during the transportation.

What kind of transport we use for transportation?
• Railway transport
• Auto transport
• Sea and river transport

For the transportation we use:
•20-ft containers (standart, high, with the removable roof)
•40-ft containers (standart, high, with the removable roof)
•Refrigerated containers
•Tank containers
•Flatrack containers

For the international container transportation our specialists will help you to choose the suitable way of transportation and optimal delivery time.

What determines the cost of services?
• Mode of transport
• Type and weight of cargo
• Road difficulty and distance
• Supplementary services
Suppliementary servicies:
•Cargo insurance
•Terminal storage service
•Custom clearance
How to know the price?
1) Fill the price culculating form
2) contact manager, tel.: (383) 363-22-50
3) contact manager via e-mail

How to pay?
Choose any of payment method, which is convenient for you : card, cash, payment by the consignor or by the consignee
International container transportation International container transportation

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