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Our woodworking plant is situated on the territory of «Moshkovskiy» industrial and logistics park in Novosibirsk region. There is a deep wood processing shop, stock of finished products, platform for storing raw materials, auto and railway transport hub for sending finished products to clients.

Our plant produces the whole cycle of hardwood and softwood lumber, based on birch and pine. We produce, pack, sell and transport finished products of export quality such as: wooden bar, cut off board of typical sizes and other customized products.

We produce high-quality finished goods with producer's prices, which are used in different production areas. All the finished products are sorted and pass internal quality control according to GOST standarts.

Birch and pine lumber is used for:

  • interior doors manufacturing
  • house, bathhouse, garden house building;
  • plywood, veneer, carpentry board producition;
  • furniture, fixture, packaging manufacturing;
  • parket, laminate production;
  • interior decoration;
  • decorative and souvenir products


Nowadays our plant produces edge-surfaced pine and lumber materials of the following parametrs:

  • Size: 24*50/100/150*1800-3000 mm
  • Allowance +1~2mm
  • Quality without cracks, wane, blue, rot.

8-12% moisture level is achieved by drying in special drying chambers.

Sort 1-5 sort

  • I sort two sides clean, without knots, without core
  • II sort two sides without core, one side without knots;
  • III sort two sides without core;
  • IV sort one side without core;
  • V sort two sides with core

Advantages of cooperation with us

  • Compliance with a state standard specification: GOST 2695-83 for hardwood and GOST 4808, 8486 for softwood
  • Our own production, product quality control
  • Well-functioning logistics system, our own transport ;
  • The possibility to produce lumber according to your parameters
  • Products are always avaliable in stock, fast delivery


Transportation is proceed all around the Russia and abroad, using auto and railway transport.

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